Want to know how to get immediate results for your business? Stop looking, ANNEX is the software consultant you need

Need to renew an existing application or to build a new one from scratch? No problem, by applying the latest technology you can be assured that your business has the most modern and efficient solutions.

Already have an in-house development team? Don’t worry, by sharing our expertise and experience with your team you can be assured that you will have the high quality and efficient software your business requires. We work alongside your team, introducing enhanced capabilities to improve your software. And we are available 24/7 to help you scale-up your resources, so you can be confident that we are always there to provide your business with premium support.

What Audit and Review Services will you have access to?

Annex software consulting solutions helps you to optimise your business ROI by reviewing the quality of your system architecture and the methodologies used in its construction. We are the best company you can find to audit legacy and current software application processes. After every audit, you will receive a recommendation report that gives you essential information on how to improve your application.

Our software development and application review service always includes:
1)Coding standards and reviews
2)Quality assurance
3) Project tracking and management
4) Improving hiring processes
5) Source control management
6) Iterative development
7) Retrospectives
8) Unit Test coverage


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